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3-Hour Workshop

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What is a better route to success than learning from a successful woman who has built a multi-million dollar brand from scratch?

Monique is taking her mentorship series on tour!

From branding to business strategies, Monique’s got you covered. During the mentorship workshop, you will be exposed to business foundation and strategies, branding, marketing, effective networking techniques, and financial matters. Let Monique show you the secrets behind mastering social media and the brilliant ways to secure funding to build your multi-million empire!

She went from a hobby in her kitchen to now being in over 100,000 retail chain stores. She has made several accomplishments, and she can teach you from what she has learned. Sharing not only the great but also the pitfalls for you to learn from.

“Being a business owner is so rewarding and fulfilling.”

After completing this course, you can improve your audience, track your business results and increase your profit.

Topics Include:


Business Structure


Marketing Campaign Launch Strategy


Finding Your Niche


Defining Your Target Audience


Building a Trustworthy Brand 


Clarifying Your Message


Improving Your Audience Growth Online & Social Media


Challenges and Mistakes

This course will divide into six modules which will be completed during a 3-hour workshop.

You will learn about your business structure and build an understanding on marketing campaign launching strategy.

Gradually, you will learn how to find the niche market, how to select the targeted audience, How to build a brand and make your brand trustworthy to your customers. At the end of this course, you will learn about the mistakes and challenges of marketing on social media.


Learn from a successful woman who has built a multi-million dollar brand.

During this exciting 3-hour interactive workshop, you will get to ask questions and receive personal advice.

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